Speakers and Sessions at #ddc2023

devcom Developer Conference 2023 will feature a wide range of high-quality talks, panels, fireside chats and workshops, delivered by dozens of industry experts across (currently) 12 live stages.

While the conference is still work in progress, we’re happy to already share some speakers and sessions with you.

The program will be updated continously, so check back soon!



  • Arts, Animation & VFX

  • Audio Design

  • Business

  • Community Management

  • Culture

  • Diversity, Accessibility & Inclusion
  • Game Design
  • Leadership & HR

  • Mental Health
  • Narrative Design
  • PR & Marketing
  • Production & Team Management
  • Research & Education
  • Tech & Tools

Use the filters on the left sidebar of the schedule below to display only sessions of certain topics.


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