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devcom Developer Conference FAQ

I need a visa letter. Can you provide one?2023-01-27T11:28:28+01:00

Yes, absolutely! If you attend devcom Developer Conference and need a Letter of Invitation for your travel to Germany, please fill out this form.

Note that we will only be able to issue a letter for attendants with a valid ticket order. You can order your ticket here.

Who will be attending devcom Developer conference?2022-05-16T14:39:05+02:00

At devcom Developer donference you will meet with:

  • game developers from small teams to AAA studios
  • indie teams
  • game publishers
  • service providers related to game development
  • press and media representatives
  • trade organization, embassies and national representatives
  • schools and students (200 student tickets only)
  • other industry-related companies
I was a volunteer at devcom last year and I want to help. How can I do that?2023-02-07T12:28:49+01:00

That’s amazing! Thank you so much for being willing to help us bring to ‘life’ this great experience we’re creating! As you know, devcom Developer Conference just can’t happen without its beloved volunteers!

For #ddc2023, the Call for Volunteers has already started – please fill out this form to apply.

What is the difference between devcom 365 and devcom Developer Conference?2023-01-27T12:11:38+01:00

devcom Developer Conference is the official game developer event of gamescom and Europe’s biggest game developer community-driven industry conference. It is an event over several days, packed with matchmaking, talks, meetups and exhibitions, focussing on game developers and their eco-system.

devcom 365 is our digital, year-round online service, which brings you a whole lot of free content on Twitch, Youtube and Podcasts.

Will there be a physical devcom in 2023?2023-01-27T12:14:55+01:00

Yes! devcom Developer Conference 2023 will return to Cologne, Germany from August 20 – 25, 2023.

Please read all about #ddc2023 on our dedicated event pages: https://www.devcom.global/ddc-2023

What do I need to access devcom Developer Conference 2022?2023-01-27T12:17:57+01:00

You will need to purchase your ticket in our online ticket shop. For media accreditiation, please visit our press page for details.

gamescom biz community FAQ

What is the gamescom biz community?2023-01-27T12:38:53+01:00

The gamescom biz community is the year-round active, digital, comprehensive online platform of devcom, gamescom and gamescom asia.
Trade visitors, exhibitors, journalists and creators can log into the online platform for all events with just one profile.

This allows all visitors to make even better use of potential synergy effects throughout the year. Also, the gamescom biz community is intended to give everyone the opportunity to attend more formats that offer added value, even inbetween the main events.


How can I access the gamescom biz community?2023-01-27T12:47:59+01:00

As soon as you have a valid ticket for gamescom, gamescom asia or a devcom event, you can log in to the gamescom biz community.

You may either use your internet browser or download the gamescom biz community app for iOS or Android.

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