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devcom Developer Conference FAQ

I was a volunteer at devcom last year and I want to help. How can I do that?2021-08-16T16:13:20+02:00

That’s amazing! Thank you so much for being willing to help us bring to ‘life’ this great experience we’re creating! As you know, devcom just can’t happen without its beloved volunteers!

For #ddc2021, the Call for Volunteers has already been closed. But feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified as soon as we’re looking for volunteers for our next events!

What do I need to access devcom Developer Conference 2021?2021-07-27T13:15:53+02:00

You will need to purchase your ticket in our online ticket shop. After that you will receive, by email, your access code to PINE, the official B2B matchmaking tool of devcom Developer Conference 2021.

If you have purchased your ticket but not received your PINE access or have trouble accessing PINE, please contact us at pine@devcom.global.

What is the difference between devcom 365 and devcom Developer Conference?2021-07-26T10:13:33+02:00

devcom Developer Conference is the official game developer event of gamescom and Europe’s biggest game developer community-driven industry conference. It is an event over several days, packed with matchmaking, talks, meetups and exhibitions, focussing on game developers and their eco-system.

devcom 365 is our digital, year-round online service, which brings you a whole lot of free content on Twitch and Podcasts. Additionally, master classes and summits dedicated to specific topics further expand our original conference concept, making devcom a 365-day experience.

#ddc2021 – PINE FAQ

I bought a ticket for devcom Developer Conference 2021. How can I access the event?2021-08-16T13:37:00+02:00

devcom Developer Conference will use PINE as its event platform. After you have purchased a ticket through our ticket store, you will receive an email from hello@pinetool.ai to join us for the event.

devcom Developer Conference 2021 will be launching on PINE on July 26.

How can I adjust my profile information and my company information in PINE?2021-08-16T13:37:17+02:00
  • To change your PINE presence, you first need to log into PINE, then go to the #ddc2021 event.
  • To adjust your overall profile information, please click on your profile icon in the top right corner, then select “profile”. You can adjust all information about you then. Hit the “save” button and go back to the event (arrow in the top left corner).
  • To add more specific information about you for #ddc2021 and edit your company profile, click on your profile icon in the top right corner, then select “Event Settings”. You can add “Personal Tags” to make looking for you for matchmaking purposes easier.
    To edit the company, you need to receive admin rights, which you can directly request in this tab as well. The first person of each company to do so automatically receives these rights and will be notified once other users request access from them. Lastly, attendee cards are a great way to show your personality and why you attend #ddc2021.
I have a Virtual Booth. How can I access and edit it?2021-08-16T13:37:34+02:00

Once you log into #ddc2021 on PINE, please click on your profile image in the upper-righthand corner, then select “company portal”. Click “active booths” and select “edit”.
If there is no “edit” button shown, you need to have admin rights for your company first. Please see the question “How can I adjust my profile and company information?” on how to acquire admin rights for your company.

How can I block time slots in my calendar, for example when I’m not awake or already have other responsibilities?2021-08-16T13:42:39+02:00

In the #ddc2021 event on PINE, please click on “My Meetings”. In the top bar on the right, you will find three dots (…). Click those, then select availability. There you can block multiple meeting slots at once.

How do I create job posts in PINE?2021-08-16T13:45:00+02:00

Please watch our video tutorial to learn how to create job posts in PINE:

How do I prepare as a speaker in PINE?2021-08-16T13:47:20+02:00

You’re a speaker at devcom Developer Conference 2021? Great!!

Please watch our video tutorial to learn how to prepare for your session in advance and how to go live during the event in PINE:

My question about PINE is not listed here. Where can I find help?2021-08-16T13:37:09+02:00
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