Get ready for the
devcom NRW Indie Showcase 2023!

Discover the best of global Indie gaming with 30 handpicked projects from 46 countries!

Get ready for awesome Indie games – the devcom NRW Indie Showcase 2023 is coming up, and we’ve got an incredible line-up in store for you.

After careful consideration, we’ve handpicked 20 exhibitors who will be showing their games at devcom Developer Conference 2023. And wait for it… we’ve also got 10 international exhibitors joining us online exclusively through our event app.

But here’s the real deal: We’re going to have some seriously cool “Let’s Play with the Dev” sessions featuring all 30 projects on our devcom Twitch channel during #ddc2023.

So, mark your calendars and get ready to dive into the world of Indie gaming. The devcom NRW Indie Showcase 2023 is going to be an awesome experience you don’t want to miss!


Participating Studios

devcom Indie Award 2023

The devcom Indie Award 2023 took place on Sunday evening, August 20, at the devcom Networking Dinner at Flora Köln.

The contestants were all developers and studios taking part in #ddc2023’s indie game exhibitions: the NRW Indie Showcase and the devcom Indie Market. The award was handed out in 3 awesome categories, each with a sweet 3,000 € prize:

  • Blockbuster
  • Creative Overkill
  • Optical Blast

This event was attended by 400+ Speakers, VIPs, invited partners, and sponsors, all eager to witness the magic of the devcom Indie Award 2023. It was an amazing night!


The Winners of the devcom Indie Award 2023

Winner Graphics Galore:
“Hieronymus” by Rhenus Vina Musica

“Hieronymus” is a historical fantasy adventure game with combat elements. In first-person perspective, players explore atmospheric environments, encounter grotesque creatures and experience a challenging story about the complex reality of psychological disorders.

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Winner Creative Overkill:
“Tom the postgirl” by Oopsie Daisies Studio

“Tom the postgirl” is a spooky narrative game following Tom on her deliveries which surprisingly always go wrong. No wonder, she is a real stalker and peeks inside whenever she gets the occasion to. The story is told without any narrator or words but only through glimpses into the villager’s intimacy.

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Winner Blockbuster:
“The Occultist” by Pentakill Studios

“The Occultist” is a first-person narrative horror game, in which Alan Rebels travels to the cursed island of Godstone to investigate the sudden disappearance of his father. He carries with him his mystical pendulum, an object of unknown origin that accompanies him in all his paranormal investigations.

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devcom’s favorite Let’s Play Award:
“Rogue Voltage” by Horizont Computergrafik

In addition to the main devcom Indie Award categories, “Rogue Voltage” has won our favorite Let’s Play Award and received a special devcom package by elgato, which includes the Facecam, the Wave:3 premium microphone and the Key Light Air.

“Rogue Voltage” combines roguelike deckbuilding with automation game elements. Construct your combat actions by wiring up modules. Generate and manage energy, manipulate the timeline, beat procedural threats and try to get the power back on in a world in which time is out of joint.

ℹ️ Go to official website
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Discover even more Indie gems at the Indie Market during devcom Developer Conference 2023!

Explore a diverse collection of international Indie projects at this non-curated exhibition space!

The Indie Market offers a lively exhibition space for 15 international projects. Unleash your curiosity and explore this non-curated area, brimming with hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Don’t forget to check the devcom Event App to connect with the talented Indie Market participants. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of creativity and innovation at the Indie Market during devcom Developer Conference 2023!

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We look forward to seeing you in Cologne!

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