You’re welcome here at #ddc2024!

We are committed to creating a welcoming and secure environment for all our attendees.
Discover how we prioritize safety, embrace diversity, and ensure accessibility to make our events inclusive for everyone.

Inclusion, Diversity & Accessibility

  • New faces and a diverse speaker line-up:
    devcom strives to give visibility to new speakers and companies as well as maintain abroad diversity of topics and speaker backgrounds when putting together the conference program.

  • Access for everyone:
    devcom teams up with selected communities to provide tickets at reduced prices. However, not everyone is able to attend #ddc2024 on site, whether for financial, travel or other reasons. To give these groups the best experience possible at devcom Developer Conference, we make sure that our program, matchmaking services and expo are also available online for our digital pass holders. Digital passes are priced as reasonably as possible.

  • Barrier-free visit:
    For guests with restricted mobility, the Koelnmesse fair ground offers various suitable ways to enter the fair complex and exhibition halls. Please download their brochure to find out more about how to get to the venue, barrier-free entrances, accessible toilets, free wheelchair rental of and how to contact the staff.
    → Download accessibility brochure here

  • Silent Room & Prayer Room:
    Visit the Silent Room on the 1st floor to take a break and de-stress. This is also where you can talk to someone from our Awareness Team.
    For our Muslim attendees, there is a Prayer Room in Congress Centre East. We offer to meet at Foyer North of the Confex 30 min. before the prayer times and then walk to the prayer room together.

Scholarship Programs

devcom & gamescom will increase inclusivity opportunities for game developers who, for whatever reason, are unable to join devcom Developer Conference and gamescom on their own.

Our Scholarship Programs have a special emphasis on recruiting and retaining qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds across marginalized and minority communities around the world.

Apply as a scholar with our partners of this year’s Scholarship Programs*:

* Each partner will run their own application form with specific guidelines and deadlines.
* All scholars will take part in the community building program.
* Partner application for the 2024 Scholarship Programs ended on June 27.

Anti-Harassment Policy

We have made it our mission to offer a welcoming, harassment-free experience for everyone at our events. With this in mind, the following behavior is expected:

  • Be respectful.
  • Be collaborative before conflicts arise.
  • Refrain from aggressive or demeaning behavior and speech.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings and others around you.
  • Alert conference organizers if you notice a dangerous situation, someone in distress or any violation of our anti-harassment policy.

We do not tolerate any forms of anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, classism, transphobia, homophobia, FLINTA+ hostility, or other forms of discrimination.
Our events should be non-judgmental and as free from discrimination as possible, creating a space where everyone feels welcomed and respected.

Awareness Team

Have you experienced or witnessed discrimination or harassment?

Please reach out to our Awareness Team that will be onsite throughout devcom Developer Conference 2024.

All team members are multi-professionals with educational, psychosocial and cultural backgrounds. They are trained and experienced in the implementation of awareness work at parties, festivals, demonstrations, trade fairs and more events.

  • Our Awareness Team members wear pink vests.

  • Call us and we’ll come to you: +49 178 512 90 79
  • We’ll also be at the Silence Room on Level 1. You can retreat to this place when everything gets too much for you, and we can help you find peace.

What you can do if someone asks you for help:

  • Signal that you are willing to help. Communicate what you can do for the person. Ask what the person wants, e.g. “Would you like to sit down for a moment?” / “I can use this phone number to call the awareness team – would you like that?” / “I can accompany you to the Silence Room – would you like that?
  • Call the Awareness Team to your location.
  • You can also bring the person to the Awareness Team or the Silence Room if your capacities allow this. If you do not have the time yourself, please ask another person for help.

Please note:
Do not ask any questions about the experience and do not judge whether the person needs help.
Do not leave the person alone until support has arrived – unless they want it.
Keep what you discuss confidential & be discreet with personal information.

Awareness Team Members






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