devcom Leadership Summit 2024:

Panel “State and Future of the Games Industry”

Rima Al Shikh


Founder & CEO at Begin AI

Rima Al Shikh is the founder of Begin AI, a tech innovator and entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. She has founded three startups, helped many scale and exit, and helped many Fortune 100 companies integrate AI at scale. She’s a patent holder in privacy-preserving AI for user-facing applications at scale.

Rima’s passion for creating effective and positive change led her to start Begin AI. Her vision is to democratize AI and leverage its power in the best ways possible. As the CEO of Begin AI, she aims to address critical challenges, such as secure personalization across multiple applications and user behavior prediction at scale, using artificial intelligence. Through her work at Begin AI, Rima is dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on the world through enhancing virtual world applications.