devcom Leadership Summit 2024:

Opening Keynote

Alexander L. Fernandez


CEO & Co-Founder at Streamline Media Group

Alexander L. Fernandez is a visionary entrepreneur with over two decades of groundbreaking experience in the video game and creative industries. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Streamline Media Group, Alexander has been the driving force behind the company’s meteoric rise from a modest startup in an Amsterdam apartment to an influential global powerhouse with a presence in Japan, Malaysia, Colombia, and the United States.

Under Alexander’s leadership, Streamline Media Group has made significant contributions to an extensive array of video game and entertainment franchises. The company’s portfolio boasts over 400 productions, collectively generating over $6 billion in sales. This impressive track record includes pivotal roles in the development of renowned titles such as Final Fantasy XIV, James Cameron’s Avatar, Gears of War, Bioshock Infinite, and Street Fighter V. Alexander’s influence extends beyond gaming, as evidenced by successful collaborations with iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Balenciaga, and James Bond.

A recognized Endeavor Entrepreneur and a Harvard Business School alumnus, Alexander’s expertise encompasses driving innovation, fostering economic growth, and harnessing technology and creativity as tools for socio-economic advancement. His leadership philosophy emphasizes the importance of diversity and inclusivity in the tech and gaming industries, promoting these values as essential components of corporate success and social responsibility.