devcom 2020 Refund Policy

  • Not using a promo code / forgetting to use a promo code: purchase the right ticket with the promo code and only then contact the devcom sales team. The refund of the first ticket will be immediate but only once the second ticket had been bought.
  • Not getting a visa or not in time: we understand the inconvenience and are sad you will not be joining us but unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible and therefore your ticket will not be refunded.
  • Cancelation for personal reasons: we know that some situations cannot be foreseen, and unexpected personal situations can occur at any moment – we will miss you deeply, but we cannot refund your ticket. However, we will be very happy to transfer your ticket to someone else. Just let us know and we will proceed immediately.
  • Cancelation for any other reasons: We have experienced changes of plans and participation, so if you are not able to attend for a reason and no one else can attend on your behalf or there is no one to whom we can transfer your ticket to, we will be very happy to raffle your ticket to attendees who have a lesser purchasing power. However, your ticket will not be refunded.
  • Ticket upgrade or package: A refund will be done immediately once the purchase of an upgrade ticket or package has been done successfully.