Your unique matchmaking event that helps game projects find funding

devcom Pitch it! is for Developers, Publishers, Investors and Distributors:
Find your matching partner faster and on-target.

  • Exclusively for developers: Showcase your games on Project Cards and present yourself as developer and company.

  • Exclusively for publishers and investors:
    Get an individual booklet, tailored to your requirements and needs, with meeting recommendations and information about the participating developers.

  • Get access to our online platform prior to the event to set up your schedule.

  • Engage in 1-on-1 biz dev meetings with your future business partners.

  • Upgrade possibility: Present your project in a 10-minute pitch on our exclusive Pitch it! stage.

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Unlock new business opportunities and join the next edition of Pitch it!

Easy matchmaking and identification of suitable partners.

Save time with recommended meetings and smart filter options.

Access to information for Investment Range – Type of Deals – Development Stage – Business Model – Genre & Type of Game – Platforms & more

Why Pitch it!?

During 2021, we talked a lot to developers, publishers, associations etc. and despite all the new online and matchmaking formats taking place these days, we still received the same feedback from their partners and companies:

“Finding good and matching business partners takes too long, is too complicated and there were too many unfruitful meetings.”

We, on the other hand, received great feedback for our new matchmaking format Pitch it! during devcom Developer Conference 2021.

Who would have guessed that well prepared lists, smart filter options and hand made booklets would make all the difference?

Actually we guessed, and are very proud to enhance the matchmaking experience of our participating companies so far.

Participating Publishers in 2022

Participating Publishers in 2020 & 2021