Jason VandenBerghe and Ethan Evans will be at the developer conference prior to gamescom.

Two additional keynote speakers have been announced for devcom 2018 today. Jason VandenBerghe (design director at ArenaNet, former creative director at Ubisoft Montréal) and Ethan Evans (SVP Twitch Prime, Trade & Developer Success at Amazon) will be part of the developer conference which takes place on August 19th and 20th in Cologne. They will be joined by Garry Schyman (game composer, e.g. Bioshock series).

As design director at ArenaNet and former creative director at Ubisoft Montréal (e.g. For Honor), Jason VandenBerghe is an absolute game design expert. In his keynote, he will offer an exciting peek behind-the-scenes of AAA projects and will feature what to expect when working with leading publishers.

Ethan Evans, SVP of Twitch Prime who is in charge of trade and developer success at Amazon, will cover all questions around the successful streaming platform in his keynote ”Twitch: Money, reach, and new communities for your game”.

Another highlight will be Garry Schyman’s Q&A-Workshop. The talented composer is responsible for soundtracks of games like Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor or Dante’s Inferno. He was honored with the award “Best Original Music” by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) for his Bioshock Infinite soundtrack.

An overview of all confirmed speakers of devcom 2018 so far can be found on the official homepage: https://www.devcom.global/speakers/

Experts, who would like to submit their own talk, workshop or session, can join the call for papers via the following link: https://devcom.global/call-for-papers. The organisers are looking forward to proposals around this year’s focus topics, artificial intelligence and fun in games as well as those around: Game Design, Business, Production, Legal, Sound, Art Design and Management.

CMG Conferences has also announced a discount promotion from May 7th to May 20th today. Everyone who orders a student-, conference- or business pass in this time frame, will receive a 30 percent discount. The ticket shop can be found here: https://devcom.global/order