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The devcom Master Classes

The devcom Master Classes are scheduled from Tuesday, August 22, to Thursday, August 24. You want to know about business strategies or investor pitching? Or maybe about gaming-music’s way into the players mind? There’s a lot of knowledge to discover at the devcom Master Classes!

The devcom Master Classes:

  1. Building an Effective Business Strategy for Your Studio
    by Ralf Adam (Tiger Team Productions)
  2. The Long Journey Home: Top-Down-Vision VS Bottom-Up-Prototyping
    by Andreas Suika (Daedalic Studio West)
  3. Advanced Investor Pitching
    by Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
  4. Managing Your Team and Your Business to Ship a Great Game
    by Don Daglow (4thRing)
  5. Licensing Deals and How They are Done in 2017
    by Louis Rene Auclair (Hibernum) and Jay Powell (The Powell Group)
  6. On Creative Direction for Games (Part1)
    by Dave Rohrl (Mobile Game Doctor)
  7. Game Audio – A Direct Way into the Player’s Mind [presented by Soundtrack_Cologne 14]
    by Helge Borgarts, Joerg Mackensen (toneworx studios), Kai Rosenkranz
  8. Cheating and Multiplayer Games
    by Eugen Harton (Bohemia Interactive)

Tuesday, August 22, 10 am – 12 pm

Ralf AdamBuilding an Effective Business Strategy for Your Studio

While we as game developers tend to create all kinds of roadmaps while producing a new kick-ass game, we often seem to be completely lost when it gets to a clear and mature business plan for our own company. A vision statement for the next AAA blockbuster? Sure thing – here you go! A vision statement for my studio? Wait a minute…
My main goal for this class is to sharpen the awareness of especially studio leads, directors and senior managers on the importance of having a clear strategy for your team – no matter if you run a small indie studio or if you are in charge for a mid- to large-sized multi-project company.
This Master Class will include a wide variety of best practices and learnings, starting from handling studio growth, fostering company culture or thinking about exit strategies – but also dealing with publishers, investors and other partners in all sorts of situations or growing your business network.
Never forget: Coming to the realisation that your organisation needs one is easy – but actually creating a strategy is a little harder.

Best practices and learnings, starting from handling studio growth, fostering company culture or thinking about exit strategies – but also dealing with publishers, investors and partners in all sorts of situations and growing your business network.

Audience Addressed: Senior management, executives, leads and directors

Location: devcom developer lounge 2, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Ralf Adam
Tiger Team Productions, Owner
Though insisting on the fact that he’s still 29, Ralf has spent more than two decades in the games industry.
Ralf got his start in the early Nineties, and since then he has worked for a multitude of publishers and developers in different positions, among them Infogrames/Atari, Sunflowers Entertainment, JoWooD Productions, Gameforge, Travian and flaregames. His portfolio also includes freelance work for Disney Interactive, Ubisoft, Eidos or Vivendi Universal. With expertise in producing as well as in game design and writing, Ralf has contributed to a wide variety of titles, including “Desperados – Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Spell Force – The order of Dawn”, “Settlers” & “Anno” Series, “Ikariam”, “Guild 1400” or “Dawn of Steel”.
In the past Ralf has also contributed to the production of two full-feature animation movies (both released in theatres in 2014) in his role as Managing Director for Virgin Lands, one of the leading Graphics & Animation Studios in Europe.

Tiger Team Productions – We love it when a plan comes together
In 1993 Ralf C. Adam – a crack computer & video gamer – was sent to the games industry for the crime of not having studied a serious profession.
After a couple of years of fighting for publisher organisations he finally escaped from a maximum-security tradeshow booth to the German underground somewhere in the Frankfurt area. Today, still wanted by many entertainment companies, he survives as a soldier of fortune. So, if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him – maybe you can hire the Tiger Team.

Tuesday, August 22, 10 am – 12 pm

Andreas SuikaThe Long Journey Home: Top-Down-Vision VS Bottom-Up-Prototyping

Sometimes you have a strong vision to guide you. Sometimes you start with a simple mechanic, perhaps discovered by playing around at a game jam. Which is more important? What do you do when the vision and your mechanics start to drift apart, or you struggle to bring the game in your head to life?
This workshop will address these questions by showing the steps Andreas and his team took on The Long Journey Home, and the lessons learned as a result. We will also collectively experiment with new ideas by focusing on ideas for games that ONLY focus on player skills that we want to challenge.
This is a hands-on and intermediate level workshop for Game and Level Designers, but producers, artists and programmers are equally welcome. Beginners and non-specialists will be able to follow, and we welcome experts to contribute their knowledge and past experience from other projects.

Learn methods to retain a strong, emotional vision throughout development, as well as kickstart development without that up-front vision.

Location: devcom developer lounge 1, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Andreas Suika
Daedalic Studio West, Creative Director
Andreas started his career more than 13 years ago at Blue Byte and worked there in different positions. As Tester, Data Wizard and Level Designer he had the chance to work on products like Battle Isle and Settlers 4. Settlers 5 and Settlers 6 he attended as Lead Game Designer. As Creative Director he worked on ANNO for Wii and DS and on My Fitness Coach for the PS3 with Move Controls. Besides the larger projects he had the chance to spend time in research, development methods and smaller games like ANNO for the iPhone. With Klaas Kersting, Matthias Schindler and Georg Broxtermann he co-founded flaregames in the role of the Creative Director. The Start-Up is developing and publishing successful mobile f2p games on all relevant mobile platforms. In 2013 Andreas begin to work as a freelancer in the area of Consulting, Game- and Level Design and Creative Direction.Games he was working on did win awards like the Red Dot Design Award, the TOMMI and several German Game Developer Awards. In 2014 he founded Daedalic Studio West GmbH with Dirk Steenpaß. They are building a new studio and currently focusing on their first title.

Tuesday, August 22, 1 pm – 3 pm

Advanced Investor Pitching


Location: devcom developer lounge 1, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Jason Della Rocca
Execution Labs, Co-Founder
Jason Della Rocca is the co-founder of Executions Labs, a first-of-its kind, hybrid game incubator and go-to-market accelerator that helps independent game developers produce games and bring them to market. Formerly, Jason was a game industry consultant focused on business and cluster development, working with game studios and organizations all over the world. Prior, he served as the executive director of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) for nearly nine years, and was honored for his industry building efforts with the inaugural Ambassador Award at the Game Developers Conference. In 2009, Jason was named to Game Developer Magazine’s “Power 50,” a list which profiles 50 of the most important contributors to the state of the game industry. As a sought after expert on the game industry, Jason has lectured at conferences and universities worldwide. He also serves on various advisory boards and volunteer roles, such as co-chairing IGDA-Montreal, as an advisor to the ICT Practice of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada, and serving on the research management committee of the GRAND Network Center of Excellence.

Tuesday, August 22, 3.30 pm – 6 pm

Managing Your Team and Your Business to Ship a Great Game

Many teams set out to build a great Indie game… and then discover that going Indie also means you have to build a business. From production methods to people management to legal regulations, the process of company-building presents us with unique challenges. In this extended Devcom Master Class, veteran game developer Don Daglow will provide team leaders with a foundation for managing their teams and their businesses. The session will be personal and interactive, with discussion of specific problems affecting the managers in the room.


  • Processes for making key decisions that make company-building easier
  • Basic business management methods, with an emphasis on managing cash
  • People and project management methods that increase your chances for success

Audience Addressed: Anyone interested in founding or managing small, growing game companies
Experience Level Addressed:
As game developers: intermediate
As business managers: beginning

Location: devcom developer lounge 1, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Don Daglow
4thRing, CEO
Don Daglow is a three-time Inc. 500™ CEO, a pioneering game designer and 2008 Technical Emmy® Award recipient whose career spans the history of Silicon Valley. Teams have shipped over $1 billion in games under his leadership. He now advises companies ranging from small startups to large international publishers.
Don also serves as Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at The Strong National Museum of Play; as a Mentor at the Founders Space accelerator in San Francisco (rated in the Top Ten by Inc. Magazine); as a member of the Devcom Advisory Board; and as the volunteer President of The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation.
He is the only executive in the history of the games industry who has held leadership positions on titles for every generation of video game consoles, from 1980 to the present day. In 2003 he received the CGE Award for “groundbreaking achievements that shaped the Video Game Industry.”
Along with John Carmack of id Software and Mike Morhaime of Blizzard Entertainment, Daglow is one of only three game developers whose work has been honored at both the Technology & Engineering Emmy® Awards and at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences DICE Awards.
He is also an accomplished writer, with a playwriting award from The National Endowment for the Humanities and multiple book awards for his literary mystery novel, The Fog Seller.

Wednesday, August 23, 10 am – 12 pm

Licensing Deals and How They are Done in 2017

Licensed intellectual properties have become more popular than ever before with today’s rising cost of user acquisition. This class will feature best practices, actionable guides, and guest speakers who will share their successes and shortcomings when dealing with popular IP. We will cover a variety of topics such as assessing the value of an IP, building a great “pitch kit” to win IP owners over, contract terms and deal points, and successfully managing the relationship post contract through launch. Attendees should come prepared to ask questions as we will be able to work through specific scenarios during the class. All prepared materials (such as whitepapers and guides) for the class will be provided to attendees after the class.

Attendees will leave with an in-depth understanding of how to find and acquire IP for their game, what contract terms are essential, and how to manage the on-going relationship with the partner.

Audience Addressed: Developers and publishers who are currently working with or plan to work with licensed IP in the near future

Location: devcom developer lounge 1, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Louis Rene Auclair

Louis Rene Auclair
Hibernum, Chief Marketing Officer
Louis René Auclair, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Hibernum is responsible for marketing and business development. He oversees all developers and publishers relations and plays a major role in the creative design and the Acquisition, Retention, Monetization, and Engagement strategies for all of the studio’s projects.
A marketing graduate, Louis-René has over 15 years of experience in brand management, product marketing and video game production. His creativity and logical thinking has brought him to manage some of the top brands of the industries he’s been part of.
A Hibernum partner for the past 5 years, Louis-René’s passion for great games is reflected in his drive to create the most fun and engaging experiences for players as well as in the creation of original entertainment brands.

Hibernum is a game development studio based in Montreal, Canada. Our games are played around the world.
With more than 120 experts in game development and design, art and media production, publishing, brand creation, marketing, and R&D, we have the knowledge and the experience to deliver best-in-class gaming experiences.

Jay Powell
The Powell Group, CEO
Jay is the Founder and CEO of The Powell Group, a consulting firm specializing in business development and licensing for the game industry. Over the past 20 years, Jay has negotiated and closed countless deals for licensing, development and distribution. With experience as an agent, a developer, and a publisher he has published, self-published, and been involved in numerous licensing deals and projects spanning a multitude of platforms. Over the years he has been involved in games featuring Disney, NASCAR, Nickelodeon, National Geographic, Cartoon Network, and many more.

Wednesday, August 23, 10 am – 12 pm & 1 pm – 3 pm

Dave RohrlCreative Clarity for Game Design (Part 1) 10 pm – 12 pm

Creative Clarity for Game Design (Part 2) 1 pm – 3pm

One of the main reasons that game projects fail is a lack of clarity around the game’s creative goals. In this master class, veteran designer and studio leader Dave Rohrl will walk participants through a series of exercises intended to help clarify and structure a game’s goals. These goals statements can then be used to align and motivate teammates, structure and prioritize design and development, onboard executives, and help marketing express the essence of the game. This is a workshop-style class where a high degree of participation is expected. Attendees should come prepared to do in-class exercises, present their work, and give feedback to others. Expect to leave the class with a clearer creative vision and a stronger pitch than you arrived with.

Participants will walk through a series of practical exercises designed to clarify creative goals for game projects. They will apply these tools to a current project, and will walk away with a clearer vision of their current game and a set of tools to apply to future projects.

Audience Addressed: This is an intermediate level class primarily intended for game designers, but it may also be useful to product managers, producers, and executives

Location: devcom developer lounge 2, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Dave Rohrl
Mobile Game Doctor, Game Design Consultant
Dave Rohrl is a game industry veteran, with 23 years of experience in game design, production, and studio leadership, holding senior positions at Pogo, PopCap, Zynga, Playdom, and others. He has designed more than 50 published games, and consulted on dozens more. For the last four years he has run Mobile Game Doctor – a boutique game design consulting firm that helps free-to-play mobile developers worldwide improve their games, processes, and design skills. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his two daughters and 600 board games.

Wednesday, August 23, 3.30 pm – 6 pm

Game Audio – A Direct Way into the Player’s Mind [presented by Soundtrack_Cologne 14]

How and why do music, sound and voices affect the players’ minds so immediate? How does the brain deal with audiovisual information and what consequences does that have for the developer? How can music and sound influence the gaming experience and give new ideas to game designers? What are the functions of music beyond “creating a mood” and why should game makes consider audio aspects already in the early phase of the development process. How can a proper audio planning avoid costs and make audio a powerful tool in the hands of developers?
Jörg Mackensen (MD toneworx studios), Kai Rosenkranz (composer, Gothic 3, The Long Journey Home) and Helge Borgarts (composer, Bring Them Home, Moorhuhn Tiger & Chicken) talk about different aspects of music and audio in video games by presenting different showcases and ideas.

Location: devcom developer lounge 1, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Helge Borgarts

Helge Borgarts
Freelance, Composer & Producer
Helge Borgarts is a freelancing German composer and producer. Working in the games industry for more than 15 years, he was involved in more than 40 projects as a composer and/or producer. He wrote music for renowned game developers like Deck13, Crytek or Stratotainment as well as for independent film and television projects. The game “Tiger & Chicken”, that he produced and contributed music to, was awarded as Best Mobile Core Game at the German Developer Awards. He recently composed and published the score for the game “Bring Them Home”. Helge is the program manager for games music at the renowned festival and conference for music in film and media Soundtrack_Cologne and a regular speaker and lecturer at events and universities.

Joerg Mackensen

Joerg Mackensen
toneworx studios, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Berlin in Prep
Emotion in games – to be achieved with great audio: voices, SFX / foley, Music – and certainly how to get it.

Kai RosenkranzKai Rosenkranz
Me, Kai Rosenkranz
Kai is a game composer and sound designer. He created everything audio for Gothic 1-3, Risen 1, and The Long Journey Home. In his 20 years in the games industry he co-founded the tools and middleware company Nevigo (makers of articy:draft) as well as the European Game Composers.

Thursday, August 24, 1 pm – 3 pm

Eugen HartonCheating and Multiplayer Games

Deep dive into topic of cheating in modern multiplayer titles and how to tackle the future with lessons learned. We will discuss both technology and security managment for most common incidents. We will look into most common mistakes and methods used in both exploiting and solving the issues presented. As well as investigate and analyze different games on the market that had the unfortunate run into cheating market.

Location: devcom developer lounge 1, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Eugen Harton
Bohemia Interactive, Lead Producer
A 30-year-old Slovak National now living in Czech Republic, Eugen Harton works at Bohemia Interactive. Joined the team of DayZ Standalone developers couple months into the early access release as an engineer and moved into production. Keeping up with the pace and demands of the project. Aiming to solve hot topics of early access, modding, cheating, and much more.

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The devcom Tutorials

From Tuesday, August 22, to Thursday, August 24, the devcom Tutorials give you the chance to learn some tips and tricks from the experts. You want to know how to build voice-enabled games with Alexa? Or how to survive launch day? Join the devcom Tutorials!

Please note that some of the Tutorials require preparation.

All devcom Tutorials take place at devcom Developer Lounge 2, Hall 4.1., Koelnmesse

Tuesday, August 22, 1.30 – 3 pm

How to Build Voice-Enabled Games with Alexa

Alexa is the speech and personal assistant technology behind Amazon Echo. Alexa offers a full-featured set of APIs and SDKs, like the Alexa Skills Kit (ASK), that you can use to teach Alexa new skills, of any type, including games. This hands-on workshop will provide a walkthrough of the latest Alexa Skills Kit specifically applied to gaming and interactive storytelling. A great voice experience stems from great voice design. In the first part of this workshop you will learn voice design best practices as well as get hands-on experience through short group activities. You will then apply those concepts and learn how to build games for Alexa enabled devices running on serverless AWS services Amazon DynamoDB and AWS Lambda.

Please visit our schedule for the preparation requirements!

Andrea Muttoni
Amazon Alexa, Technical Evangelist
Andrea is a Technical Evangelist for Amazon Alexa. In this role, he is travelling the world to share stories, learnings and best practices for building voice-enabled experiences, aka Skills, with Alexa. Before that he worked on both sides of software development as a full stack developer and as a product manager.When not prototyping new Alexa Skill ideas or championing the needs of developers, he enjoys composing music and working on random projects with NodeJS + TypeScript + Webpack + React + Redux. For the latter, he hopes one day to spend the majority of his time coding and not fighting with the build process.You can reach out to him on Twitter at @muttonia.

Amazon Alexa
Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to create a more personalized experience.

Tuesday, August 22, 3.30 – 6 pm

Tutorial: Designing Game Logic with Schematyc and Components

The example scene “Lighten Up” provides new users with a framework to set up their own scenes using the tool Schematyc. Schematyc is a graphing implementation similar to Flow Graph that allows for advanced collections of components to be assembled which previously was only possible through LUA scripting or C++/C# programming.

Various mechanics are covered in the session that include input, movement, physics, sound, particles, and volumes. We hope to see all users build upon the sample and showcase the flexibility that Schematyc brings to the CRYENGINE V toolset.

Audience addressed: Designers, Programmers, Artists

Collin Bradford Bishop
Product Manager, CRYENGINE

Collin has been immersed in the entertainment industry his entire life, and he began his career as a camera assistant for Sam Raimi at Ghosthouse Pictures in Los Angeles. After several years working on commercial productions in the United States, he moved to Dubai to oversee instructional content for JSOC and to train special operatives for predeployment. Throughout his career, he has focused on pushing the boundary between film and games with real-time rendering. He is currently the CRYENGINE Product Manager at Crytek, where he facilitates engine development with a direct impact on the community and maintains a close connection with the CRYENGINE user base.

Wednesday, August 23, 1 – 3 pm

Sebastian LatzaHow to Survive Launch Day

This tutorial gives an overview on how to build and operate a scalable backend service for mobile games.
Attendees will learn about technological options for the client-to-server interaction and how to architect a cloud-based backend infrastructure that reduces the risk of “catastrophic success” on launch day.
The session will conclude with a look back on our own recent game launch and how our architectural choices held up in reality.

Sebastian Latza
Cologne, Germany
Building backend architectures in the games industry and enterprise environments for over ten years. Likes functional programming languages and automation.

Thursday, August 24, 12 – 2 pm

Sjoerd de JongMastering Unreal Engine 4 Real Time Rendering

In this 2 hour masterclass Sjoerd De Jong will dive into the depths of Unreal Engine 4 rendering. From the perspective of an artist Sjoerd will go through a big portion of the real time rendering process the engine runs through each frame, and what its practical implications are on art production. The masterclass will focus primarily on occlusion, geometry, and lighting rendering in order to give the attendees a better understanding of performance considerations, art pipeline, and rendering features of Unreal Engine 4. The class targets both game developers and people from the film, architecture or visualization industries.

Sjoerd de Jong
Epic Games, Evangelist
As Evangelist for Epic Games, Sjoerd travels around Europe to talk about and teach Unreal Engine 4. With 18 years of experience in the Unreal Engine, Sjoerd is an expert at a wide range of topics. Throughout his diverse career he has worked in everything ranging from AAA development to running his own indie studio to education. His most recently released game is The Solus Project for PC and Xbox One, with full VR support.

Epic Games
AEstablished in 1991, Epic Games, Inc. develops cutting-edge games and cross-platform game engine technology. The company is responsible for the bestselling Unreal series of games, the billion-dollar blockbuster Gears of War franchise, the groundbreaking Infinity Blade line of mobile games, and it’s current games Paragon and Fortnite. Epic’s award-winning Unreal Engine technology has won dozens of awards and is available for licensing. Epic has studios located in North Carolina, Washington, Utah, UK, Germany, China, Korea and Japan.

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The gamescom Business Keynotes

The gamescom keynotes include public and business keynotes, held by both C-level industry and development experts as well as visionaries and influencers from some of the most successfulgames, animation and internet companies. The business keynotes are held from Tuesday, August 22 until Thursday, August 24 – at this place we want to give you an overview of all business keynotes. For more information on the gamescom public keynotes, read our article “Public Keynotes, Party & Networking“.

All Business Keynotes take place at Congress-Saal, 4th Floor, Congress-Centre East

The gamescom Business Keynotes:

  1. The Next Decade of Graphics and Game Development
    by Tim Sweeney (Epic Games)
  2. Building the World’s Largest Gaming Community
    by Bob Slinn (Facebook)
  3. Crowdfunding, Publishing, and Cowboys – Texas meets Bavaria
    by J. Todd Coleman (ACE), Richard Garriott (Portalarium), Lars Janssen (Travian Games), Gordon Walton (ACE)
  4. Maximize Developer Opportunities on Xbox: Xbox One X and Beyond
    by Chris Charla (ID@Xbox)
  5. Branded Games & Entertainment for Kids of ALL Ages
    by Robby Yung (Animoca Brands)

Tuesday, August 22, 11 am – 12 pm

Tim_SweeneyThe Next Decade of Graphics and Game Development

Topic TBA

Tim Sweeney
Epic Games, Founder

Tuesday, August 22, 3 pm – 3.30 pm

Bob SlinnBuilding the World’s Largest Gaming Community

With 800M people playing at least Facebook connected game every month, we continue to invest in expanding the ways that people engaged with games across multiple platform experiences.  Bob will share the latest developments on these platforms including Instant Games on Messenger, Gameroom and Gaming Video as well as ways to leverage our suite of solutions to help engage and grow your communities of gamers regardless of the platform you are building on.

Audience addressed: relevant for all audiences but more focused on product, community and business

Bob Slinn
Facebook, Lead of Games Partnerships Team for EMEA at Facebook
As the head of Games Partnerships for EMEA, Bob leads a team that partners with a broad range of game developers across the region to help them build, grow and monetize their apps in the most successful way through Facebook’s platform and products.
Prior to joining Facebook in 2013, Bob held various roles at EA (Electronic Arts) in California, including Senior Director of Publishing. Bob was also previously Director of Media Operations at Yahoo where he led strategy and operations for all Yahoo!’s Media products in Europe.
Bob holds a BA from University of Western Ontario in French Literature and History as well an MBA from York University in Toronto.

Facebook Games
Facebook Games, with its diverse platforms such as Instant Games for mobile devices and Gameroom for PC desktop gaming, allows gamers to play and experience games across multiple devices. With Facebook, gamers can discover, play, watch and share games they love with people they care about. For game developers, the platform offers several tools and services that help them build, grow, and monetize games across multiple screens.

Tuesday, August 22, 4.30 pm – 5.30 pm

Crowdfunding, Publishing, and Cowboys – Texas meets Bavaria

From crowdfunding to global publishing, the journey of 2 Texan “indie” studios on how to live up to backers’ expectations after an extraordinary kickstarter success; keep focus in the project and move to global publishing with the collaboration of a Bavarian publisher.
J. Todd Coleman, Gordon Walton, Richard “Lord British” Garriott and Lars Janssen will hold an open discussion with the audience and share their experience in designing, producing and publishing Multi-Player RPGs.

Audience addressed: Managers/Developers/Anyone who played one MMOG from the participants

J Todd ColemanJ. Todd Coleman
ArtCraft Entertainment, CEO & Chief Creative
J. Todd Coleman is an internationally recognized designer and producer of AAA massively-multiplayer online games. He is the creator (creative director and executive producer) of the explosively popular family-friendly hit, Wizard101, the highly anticipated follow-up, Pirate101, and the cult-classic, Shadowbane.
The most popular family-friendly online games in the U.S., Wizard101 and Pirate101 have reached a combined 50 million registered players. With over 17m unique monthly views, the Wizard101 community site is one of the most popular websites in the country, at one point reaching 70 of the Top 100. The 101 games have won countless awards and accolades, including numerous Game of the Year awards and the prestigious Family Game of the Decade award from MMORPG.com.
J. Todd has been personally recognized as a leader in online gaming, joining Game Developer Magazine’s Top 50 Game Developers List in 2010 and being named the industry’s #1 Most Influential Game Developer in 2011 by Beckett Massive Gamer Magazine.
J. Todd has spent his entire career launching technology start-ups: Reliant Data Systems (acquired by Compuware in 1999), Wolfpack Studios (acquired in 2004 by Ubi Soft), and KingsIsle Entertainment (privately held) – where, as the first producer and creative visionary, he built the game development studio and grew it to a team of 200+ designers, artists and engineers prior to his departure in early 2013.

Gordon WaltonGordon Walton
ArtCraft Entertainment, President & Executive Producer
Gordon Walton has been authoring games and managing game development since 1977. He was most recently VP and Exec Producer at Disney Playdom.
Prior positions include: VP and co-Studio General Manager at BioWare Austin working on Star Wars®: The Old Republic™; VP, Executive Producer and Studio Manager at Sony Online Entertainment in Austin, with direct ownership of Star Wars Galaxies and an unannounced product, prior to this he was VP and Executive Producer of The Sims Online at Electronic Arts/Maxis, and in the same role for Origin Systems managing Ultima Online™; He also served as Senior VP and General Manager of Kesmai Studios, where he oversaw the development of several MMOGs including Air Warrior™ and MultiplayerBattletech™.
Gordon has owned and managed two development companies and was development manager for both Three-Sixty Pacific and Konami of America, Inc. He has personally developed more than 30 games and overseen the development of more than 200 games.

ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc
ArtCraft Entertainment, Inc. is an independent developer of Massively Multiplayer Online Games located in Austin, Texas. ArtCraft’s flagship product, Crowfall, is one of the most successful crowdfunded projects ever, amassing a total of just over $12.5m in project funding from a combination of crowdfunding, territory licensing and equity investment. Founded by two of the most experienced MMO veterans on the planet (J. Todd Coleman, Creative Director of Shadowbane, Wizard101 and Pirate101) and Gordon Walton (Executive Producer of Ultima Online, Star Wars Galaxies, The Sims Online and Star Wars the Old Republic), ACE boasts a strong pedigree of successful titles from a cadre of veteran engineers, artists, producers and designers. ArtCraft is well-positioned to become a dominant force in the independent production of competitive online games.

Richard GarriottRichard Garriott
Portalarium, Creative Director / CEO
Richard Garriott de Cayeux is a founding father of the videogame industry and the commercial spaceflight industry, a flown astronaut, and an accomplished explorer. He has been inducted into the computer gaming hall of fame and has received the industry lifetime achievement award. He is credited with creating the now ubiquitous term “avatar” for one’s virtual self and the category of massively multiplayer games (MMORPGs).
He authored the acclaimed Ultima Series and has built 3 leading gaming companies: Origin Systems (sold to Electronic Arts), Destination Games (sold to NCsoft) and Portalarium where he is building Shroud of the Avatar, the successor to his previous works. As a principal shaper of the commercial spaceflight industry, he cofounded Space Adventures, the only company to arrange space flights for private citizens and is the sixth private astronaut to live aboard the International Space Station. The son of a NASA astronaut, he became the first second-generation astronaut and has been a key leader in civilian and commercial space as an investor and Board member of institutions such as the X-Prize Foundation, Space Adventures, and Planetary Resources.
Richard is an avid explorer, having traveled around the globe from the jungles of the Amazon to the South Pole, the deep seas of the Titanic and hydrothermal vents to orbiting the earth aboard the International Space Station. His non-profit and philanthropic works include serving on the boards of The Explorers Club and The Challenger Center for Science Education.

Portalarium is a leading creator of immersive virtual worlds with a history of, and devotion to, taking players on imaginative journeys. Portalarium was formed in September of 2009 in Austin, Texas. The company was co-founded by legendary game developer Richard Garriott, who created Ultima, one of the longest running and most successful fantasy role playing game series ever. The company is currently developing its next game, Shroud of the Avatar, which is currently the second highest crowdfunded videogame ever.

Lars JanssenLars Janssen
Travian Games, CEO
Lars is currently leading the Munich-based games developer & publisher Travian Games as CEO. With his business background, he joined the company as Product Manager in 2010 after gaining experience on other projects in the games industry for a few years. Since then, he’s worked his way up and – being one of their own – earned the respect and trust from his peers along the way.
Lars believes passion is contagious and focuses strongly on building and coaching enthusiastic teams with talented, diverse, inspirational, and all-around awesome people. He enjoys thinking outside the box and is rarely fond of the status quo.When Lars is not busy moving the company forward, he enjoys spending time with his two-year old daughter practicing persuasion techniques. As he considers himself an honorary Texan, y’all might well run into him wherever there’s good barbecue in his second home, the Austin-area.

Travian Games GmbH
Travian Games GmbH, based in Munich, is a world-renowned, self-publishing developer of online games. The company offers complex, multi-layered adventure worlds that inspire players with their gaming depth and guarantee long-lasting enjoyment. A motivated team develops and markets online entertainment for all age groups. Travian Games currently services the following games: Crowfall, goalunited Legends, goalunited PRO, Miramagia, Rail Nation, Travian: Legends,Travian: Kingdoms and UnitedGP. They are translated into up to 40 languages and can be enjoyed by fans of long-lasting gaming entertainment all around the world. More information: http://www.traviangames.com.

Wednesday, August 23, 11 am – 12 pm

id@xbox logoMaximize Developer Opportunities on Xbox: Xbox One X and Beyond

Topic TBA

Chris Charla
ID@Xbox, Director

Thursday, August 24, 11 am – 12 pm

Robby YungBranded Games & Entertainment for Kids of ALL Ages

We will take a look into several trends in game development and distribution, including the licensing of brands versus building brands on mobile, as well as the increasing importance of the kids category.

Robby Yung
Animoca Brands, CEO
Robby is the CEO of Animoca Brands (ASX: AB1), a Hong Kong – based casual game developer & publisher focused on branded games & edutainment. He is a Director of Conspexit, and he is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Redgate Media & One Media Group and founded One Studio & OSMedia. His career began at Metromedia building wireless local loop telephony in Asia.

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Meet Our Program Partners

devcom is supported by some splendid and well known game developer events. As our program partners, GIC – Games Industry Conference, GMGC – Global Mobile Game Confederation, Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival, Nordic Game, and Reboot Develop 2018 provide some great speakers and sessions. At this place, we want to introduce you to our program partners and their panels and talks at devcom 2017.

Game Industry Conference together with Poznan Game Arena are the biggest B2B & B2C game industry events in Central and Eastern Europe. The GIC means 3100+ attendees from 30+ countries participating in 120+ talks and workshops, Pitch&Match, B2B exhibitions, networking events, CareerZone, competitions, Game Jams and more. The collocated PGA has 150+ B2C exhibitors and 71000+ visitors.

The GIC’s three key features are size, scope and inclusiveness. As the biggest event in CEE, it aims to provide quality advanced and technical talks, while keeping it accessible, especially by not cutting off devs with a paywall. The mission is to encourage growth of game developers in the region and globally.

The idea for AAA track on Devcom curated by GIC came from Poland being a bastion for production of premium games including several AAA studios… but finally we have decided to mix Poles with international panelists for best quality of the talks and the debate.

Sessions in Coop with GIC

Dan Vavra, Creative Director at Warhorse Studios, Portrait

Daniel Vávra 
Creative Director, Warhorse Studios

“Where no Man has Gone Before”

How (not) to design, plan and develop a game when you are a megalomaniac.

  • Monday August 21, 2017 10 – 11 am
  • Offenbachsaal, 1st Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
Pawel Rohleder Portrait sw

Paweł Rohleder 
Head of Technology, Techland

Keeping Development Teams Focused

How to not tell your team what to do exactly but still get them to do what is important for you. A talk about different approaches on team management.

  • Monday August 21, 2017 11 am – 12 pm
  • Conference Room 2, 2nd Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse

Jakub Marszałkowski
Head of GIC

Eugen Harton
Lead Producer, Bohemia Interactive

Adam Isgreen
Creative Director, Microsoft Studios Global Publishing

Pawel Rohleder Portrait sw

Paweł Rohleder
Head of Technology, Techland

Dan Vavra, Creative Director at Warhorse Studios, Portrait

Daniel Vávra
Creative Director, Warhorse Studios

“Making the next AAA?”

Panelists will try to discuss what is happening in AAA games and what will be the future of this segment. How will next and further AAA titles look? Is there AAApocalype around? How will it affect games? Will AAA scale down or there will be other way out? Content vs technology, what will prevail? What about the console generations, including prognosed “last generation” how it affects your development? Are we facing content stagnation: Sequels vs new IPs? AAA means full price premium games, are there other models incoming? AAA VR titles – will it happen? Soon?

  • Monday August 21, 2017 12 – 1 pm
  • Conference Room 22nd Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse

Global Mobile Game Confederation (GMGC) is the international platform for companies in the gaming ecosystem to form lasting partnerships, and access new markets. Headquartered in Beijing,China, GMGC works closely with game developers, publishers, investors, distributors, and other industry related companies to facilitate collaboration, market growth and understanding.

GMGC organizes the annual Global Game Congress in Beijing, other gaming industry events in Kunshan & Chengdu. Also, hosts a series of B2B conferences in Southeast Asia and other global around the year seminars and networking events. GMGC also offers exclusive membership services, such as executive business trips and study trips to companies around the world, PR & consultancy services and business introductions for new business partnerships.

This year, GMGC is organizing an Asian track at the devcom conference on 21st of August 2017. GMGC helps to bridge the gaps in communication and development that often exists between East and Western markets. The Asian track will combine 150-minutes keynotes with a facilitated strategic dialogue session. The keynotes and panel session will serve as a way for the professionals to gain insights about China and Southeast Asian gaming industry.

The speakers lineup for the GMGC Asian track at devcom developer conference include: Norman Lo (President of Kingstoy, China), Xiaodong Zhu (CEO of Ugamehome), Dawson Chen (VP of Uzone), Yisai Wu (Director of Global Business of Oasis Business), Derrick Mapagu (Founder & CEO of Most Played Games, Philippines), Hasnul Hadi Samsudin (VP of Creative Content & Technologies at MDEC, Malaysia), Arief Widhiyasa (CEO of Agate Studios, Indonesia), Maxim de Wit (BD Director & Head of Digital Strategy of One Animation). The speakers will share their expertise & experiences in the areas of Mobile Games, Design & Development Publishing, Monetization and other key business strategies.

Sessions in Coop with GMGC

Norman Lo

Norman Lo 
President, KingsToy


In the mobile age, how do we develop an innovative and popular sports game? Mr. Norman Lo, producer of ‘Dream Football Club’ series, share his experience in China.

  • Monday August 21, 2017 11 – 11:30 am
  • Northern Conference Room, 4th Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
Yisai Wu

Yisai Wu
Director of Business Development, Oasis Games

Premium Games in China Market that are Rising


  • Monday August 21, 2017 12 – 12:30 pm
  • Northern Conference Room, 4th Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
Xiaodong Zhu

Xiaodong Zhu

How to Develop a Successful Game

Since UGAMEHOME successfully released android version of THE KILLBOX in China, we will address about how to establish relationships with game publishers from Vietnam, Middle East, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia and the US, and achieve excellent results.

  • Monday August 21, 2017 11:30 am – 12 pm
  • Northern Conference Room, 4th Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
Dawson Chen

Dawson Chen
VP, Uzone

China Mobile Games Market – What are the opportunities for Overseas Developers?

In this talk, we will focus on issues and obstacles that developers from abroad may come across in China, on what to focus the attention when trying to enter the market and other advices for this big leap.

  • Monday August 21, 2017 12:30 – 1 pm
  • Northern Conference Room, 4th Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
Antonio Pasalic

Antonio Pasalic
Director of International Operations, GMGC

Derrick Alain M. Mapagu

Derrick Alain M. Mapagu
Founder/CEO, Most Played Games

Hasnul Hadi Samsudin

Hasnul Hadi Samsudin
Vice-President, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

Arief Widhiyasa

Arief Widhiyasa
CEO, Agate

Maxim de Wit

Maxim de Wit
Head of Digital Strategy, One Animation

Southeast Asia: Why is it More Important than Ever?

A creator of a hit game from the Philippines will sit down with one of the guys in charge of creative content & technologies in Malaysia, joined by the founder of one of the most respected Indonesian game companies and one of the best animation studios in Singapore. This gathering will be moderated by China’s GMGC. This is not your usual market insights thing. Think of it more as a one-stop-shop for fast knowledge on one of the most exciting areas, gaming industry wise as well!

  • Monday August 21, 2017 10 – 11 am
  • Conference Room 22nd Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
ludicious banner für devcom-Artikel_770x250

Ludicious – Zürich Game Festival is a networking and exchange platform for game developers. It features an exhibition, a developer conference, workshops, competitions, matchmaking and networking opportunities. The festival takes place from January 18 to 21, 2018 in Zürich, Switzerland, and it will show the most original games by young and upcoming studios and emerging game developers. The Ludicious Business section will once again connect experienced professionals with promising new projects and technologies.

The Nordic Game conference is held annually in Malmö, Sweden. The 2018 edition of Nordic Game will take place on 23-25 May at Slagthuset, a beautiful venue near the Malmö city centre, and only minutes away from Copenhagen Airport. As the leading games conference in Europe, we have a lot to offer, including a program filled with the best speakers from the global industry and our own Nordic heroes, access to international exhibitors and 2000+ professionals, world-class hospitality and a host of networking events, such as MeetToMatch • Expo • Discovery Day • Nordic Game Awards • Gala Dinner • and the renowned Nordic Party. Get the latest Nordic Game and industry updates from the Nordic Game Community.Champions Of Mobile-logo

Champions of Mobile
A new concept under the Nordic Game umbrella, “Champions of Mobile” is an exclusive series of talks for experienced mobile game developers. With the tagline “Talk is cheap – show me your data!”, Nordic Game is proud of bringing Champions of Mobile speakers to Devcom

Sessions in Coop with Nordic Game

Michal harangozo

Michal Harangozo
Co-Founder & COO, Charged Monkey

WTH?! Softlaunched & Selfpublished!

Impossible? How can a mobile game startup softlaunch and publish its first game in the overcrowded Stores? The Monkeys will share a lot of data about their key learnings & biggest fails from over 2 years of development while softlaunching and selfpublishing What The Hen! using Influencer marketing as the main channel.

  • Monday August 21, 2017 3 – 4 pm
  • Europasaal, 1st Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
Matej lancaric

Matej Lančarič
Head of Mobile Marketing, Pixelfederation

Launching Diggy’s Adventure on Mobile – Champions of Mobile

Long story short, Pixel Federation tripled DAU and monthly revenues after launching Diggy’s Adventure for iOS and Android. We spent one million EUR a month on paid user acquisition during the global launch, and made over five million EUR in less than three months. Cool, right? But why should you care? Because not every game in the App Store is a hit. Diggy is our mobile “hit”, but in terms of numbers, we’re far from games like Pokémon Go or Clash Royale. So your game doesn’t have to be a “hit” to be profitable.

  • Monday August 21, 2017 4 – 5 pm
  • Europasaal, 1st Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse

Reboot Develop, the high-end boutique game developers and games industry conference well known for both its breathtaking coastal locations as well as a star-studded speaker lineup is partnering this year with devcom and curating a special panel on the rapid rise of the South East European (Adriatic region) games industry while giving a detailed studio landscape insight in what is considered to be one of the most exciting regions in game development nowadays.

Sessions in Coop with Reboot Develop 2018

Damir Durovic

Damir Durovic

Tomislav Gojevic

Tomislav Gojevic
Project Manager, Nanobit

Alen Ladavac

Alen Ladavac
CTO, Croteam

Nenad Tomic

Nenad Tomic
Madhead Games

The Rise… and Rise of the South East European Games Industry, with a few Challenges on the Way

Up until a few years ago, at the beginning of the decade, the South East European region, also known as Adria region (consisting of Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and BiH), was with a few rare exceptions more or less non existing on the worldwide games industry map. Nowadays more than 300 studios and 4000 game developers make up one of the fastest growing games industries out there. What happened to kickstart its game development community expansion and what are some of the very serious challanges out there?

  • Monday August 21, 2017 2 – 3 pm
  • Europasaal, 1st Floor, Congress-Centre East Koelnmesse
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Public Keynotes, Party & Networking

On Wednesday and Thursday the gamescom Public Keynotes bring some awesome speakers on the stage of Congress Hall at Congress Centre East. Brendan Greene, Richard Garriott de Cayeux, Andy Tudor, Nicolas Hamilton and Peter Smits will provide the audience with new ground breaking insights.

After a busy day at devcom, there’s nothing better than having a cool drink with your favorite colleagues – and meeting new people. So here’s our devcom Party Schedule for Sunday, August 20 and Monday, August 21! Also, we invite you to the RESPAWN Funfair.

gamescom Public Keynotes

The gamescom keynotes include public and business keynotes, held by both C-level industry and development experts as well as visionarys and influencers from some of the most successful games, animation and internet companies.

Location: Congress Saal @ Congress Centre East, 4th Floor

Public Keynote by Brendan Greene

Creative Director, Bluehole Inc.

“My Journey – from Modder to Creative Director of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS”

Brendan Greene is a pioneer of the Battle Royale genre. His highly acclaimed PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS has sold more than 4 million units since its launch on March 23, 2017.

  • Wed., Aug. 23, 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm
  • Congress Saal @ Congress Centre East, 4th Floor
  • Save this to your schedule:

Public Keynote by Richard Garriott
Creative Director / CEO, Portalarium

“The Golden Age of Games is NOW – How to Rise to the Occasion”

Richard Garriott is a founding father of the videogame industry: He created ULTIMA, one of the longest running and most successful fantasy role playing game series ever. The company is now developing its next game, Shroud of the Avatar, which is currently the 2nd highest crowdfunded videogame ever.

  • Wed., Aug. 23, 3 pm – 4 pm
  • Congress Saal @ Congress Centre East, 4th Floor
  • Save this to your schedule:

Public Keynote: Project CARS 2 – Built By Drivers

Come and hear from Creative Director Andy Tudor and real-world racing driver Nicolas Hamilton how Project CARS 2 was made by both motorsports drivers and a community of passionate racing fans. What has been improved since the first game, and what are the new exciting features? And how is it ensuring to be the pinnacle of sim racing excellence this year. The session will include live gameplay from the latest Project CARS 2 build and will be moderated by Peter Smits (PietSmiet).

  • Wed., Aug. 23, 4 pm – 5 pm
  • Congress Saal @ Congress Centre East, 4th Floor
  • Save this to your schedule: http://sched.co/Bgfm

Andy Tudor
Creative Director, Slightly Mad Studios

Nicolas Hamilton
Racing Driver, AmD Tuning

Peter Smits (PietSmiet)
CEO, PietSmiet

devcom Party Schedule

Sun, August 20

  • Cocktail Happy Hour offered by Remedy Entertainment
    7:00 pm / devcom Exhibition Area
    Close out the day in a relaxed way by enjoying great cocktails provided to you by Finland’s veteran video game developer Remedy Entertainment.
  • devcom Meet & Greet and devcom Speaker & VIP reception
    8:00 – 1:00 pm / Gilden im Zims, Heumarkt 77, 50667 Cologne
    Join the official devcom meet & greet @ Gilden im Zims on Sunday evening!
    Conference host Aruba Events especially invites all speakers, panellists and moderators to join our VIP area there for some snacks and drinks at the historic Cologne Brewhouse “Gilden im Zims”.
    Please check your inbox the next days to register for our Get Together, because the number of attendees is limited to 350 people only!

Mon, August 21

  • Games/Bavaria Beer Reception
    5:00 pm / RESPAWN Outdoor area (Congress Centre East, 4th Floor)
    Bavarians are world-famous for their beer, so get a taste at the Beer Reception presented by Games/Bavaria, which serves as an umbrella brand for the Bavarian games industry.
  • devcom developer night powered by InnoGames
    8:00 pm – 2:00 am / Bootshaus, Auenweg 173, 51063 Cologne
    Join the official devcom party, which is powered by InnoGames, at the Bootshaus – an impressive venue that used to store ships and boats.

Welcome to the RESPAWN Funfair!

Frequent RESPAWN attendees know: Every year, the conference has a different motto. So after the Middle Ages in 2015 and Tropical Islands in 2016, make a joyful visit to the Funfair this year!

For example, the stages have names like “Carousel”, “Haunted House”, “Rollercoaster” and “Ferris Wheel”.

But aside from the various workshops, panels and keynotes hosted on these stages, there will also be several stalls with attractions like “Duck Fishing”, “Can Knockdown”, “Crossbow Shooting” and “Strongman Game”. And guess what you can get at the “Cotton Candy Classroom”…

Location: Congress Centre East, Koelnmesse, 4th Floor

Amazon Appstore – Evangelist Corner & Raffle

Amazon Appstore is offering a ‘Money can’t buy promotion’ for the best mobile game or app demoed to them!

Find Mario Viviani or Daniel Mann; show them your game and you could be a winner.

All visitors to their stand can enter a raffle to win FireTV sticks – winners will be drawn and announced on Sunday, 8pm, at Cotton Candy Classroom following the dev pitches and on their stand on Monday at 2pm.
And there’s more. Visit the Evangelist Corner and hear from Mario Viviani (1:30pm on Monday) when he’ll present: “How far would you go to make your game successful? Everyone has a strategy, and as an app publisher, Amazon has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.” He’ll be sharing the tactics that will get you banned or blacklisted, along with best practices for actually achieving the results you want: more downloads, good reviews, high monetization and featuring spot on the Appstore.

Location: Congress Centre East, Koelnmesse, 1st Floor, Booth 121A

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From Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds to Project CARS 2: Famous Game Developers Hold Public Keynotes on gamescom

The makers of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, Project CARS 2 and the Ultima-series give public keynote speeches  in front of gamescom visitors


Visitors of gamescom and devcom are in for a special treat this year: Three of the most famous game designers will hold public keynotes. These keynotes are not only for visitors of the developer platform devcom, gamescom visitors can watch as well: All holders of visitor or trade visitor tickets may attend for free. Space is limited, however, so everybody who wants to see one of the three events should show up early.

Here’s the three talks:


Brendan Greene alias PlayerUnknown: My journey – from modder to creative director of Playerunknown’s Battleground

Greene is Creative Director of one of the world’s most popular pc games right now: Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds („PUBG“) by Bluehole. PUBG,  while still in „Early Access“ has already sold nearly 7 Million copies and is on its way of becoming a phenomenon: On Twitch as well as Steam it is among the top 3 of most played games.

Date: Wednesday, 23.8.2017, 13:00. Place: CCE Congress Saal


Richard Allen Garriott de Cayeux: The golden age of games is NOW – how to rise to the occasion

Garriott is a games industry legend. He published his first game in 1979, founded Origin and is the driving force behind the best selling Ultima series. 2008 he travelled to space as one of the first space tourists and visited ISS. These days he’s working on Shroud of the Avatar, a spiritual successor of Ultima.

Date: Wednesday, 23.8., 15:00. Place: CCE Congress Saal


Andy Tudor
Creative Director, Slightly Mad Studios

Andy Tudor, Nicolas Hamilton, Peter Smits: Project CARS 2 – Built By Drivers

Andy Tudor, creative director of Slightly Mad Studios, and Nicolas Hamilton, race driver and brother of Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, speak about how Project CARS 2 was made by both motorsports drivers and a community of passionate racing fans. The session will include live gameplay from the latest Project CARS 2 build and will be moderated by Peter Smits (PietSmiet).

Date: Thursday, 24.8., 16:00. Place: CCE Congress Saal




In addition to the public keynotes there’s a number of business keynotes that can only be attended by visitors of devcom or the business center of gamescom:

Tim Sweeney, Epic Games, Tuesday, 22.8.2017, 11:00

Bob Slinn, Facebook, Tuesday, 22.8.2017, 15:00

Chris Charla, (ID@xbox), Wednesday, 23.8.2017, 11:00

Robby Yung, Animoca Brands, Thursday, 24.8.2017, 11:00

Here’s the full program of devcom: https://devcom2017.sched.com

About devcom

The brand new games industry meeting devcom will take place for the first time this summer as a side event to gamescom. From the 20th to the 24th of August (Sunday to Thursday), devcom will offer a varied lineup of events, including the devcom developer conference on Monday, the devcom summits and a new networking area, the devcom developer lounge.


Beyond keynotes and panels, the devcom developer conference also includes workshops, summits, master classes and matchmaking:

  • devcom master classes: high class workshops for up to 40 attendees with international speakers hosted in the devcom developer lounge
  • devcom tutorials: up to four separate hands-on tutorials on how to use the latest technology, engines or advertising tools hosted in the devcom developer lounge
  • devcom summits: three special interest focussed summits on Mobile Gaming and Innovation, VR/ AR/ MR as well as Influencer Marketing.


In addition to devcom, gamescom’s own official keynotes will take place from Tuesday to Thursday. Finally, this exclusive program will be rounded out by the indie conference RESPAWN. With its wide range of talks, workshops, tutorials and keynotes, devcom has the right event for anybody working in the games industry, from students of game design and young professionals to senior developers and managers in leadership roles.

You can find additional information on devcom and its individual events and conferences at devcom.global

The full list of all partners and sponsors of devcom: InnoGames, Amazon Appstore, Blue Byte, GAMEVIL, Amazon Alexa, balancr, CRYENGINE, Gameforge, Games Academy, Games Bavaria, GEM powered by celtx, GIANTS Software, iSpreadNews, Remedy, SAE Institute. Our media partners are Gamesbusiness.de, Gamesindustry.biz, Making Games and Venturebeat. Canada is the official partner country of gamescom and will be represented through a panel of Canadian game developers. The international focus of devcom’s program is further emphasized by extensive partnerships with other conferences, including the Global Mobile Game Congress (China), the Nordic Game (Sweden), the Games Industry Conference (Poland) and the Reboot Develop (Croatia).

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Sessions & Summits – more Highlights of devcom 2017!

In just a few days, devcom will make its debut from August 20 to 24 in Cologne. At this point, we would like to give you a glimpse at some of our fabulous speakers, our partner sessions and the devcom summits!

Top Sessions at the devcom developer conference

The devcom developer conference is a business-focused, 2-day conference with an extensive business and matchmaking area and up to 5 conference and keynote rooms.

Location: Congress Centre East

Opening Hours: Sun. 2 pm – 5 pm / Mon. 10 am – 7 pm

Brad McQuaid
interviewed by David Reitman

Visionary Realms
“The Evolution of Games Development and Why Hard Core Gamers Want A Subscription Game”

  • Session Type: Fireside Chat
  • Monday, August 21, 2 pm
  • Offenbachsaal, 1st Floor

Read more…

Kyu Lee

“The Next Generation Of Mobile MMO”

  • Session Type: Keynote
  • Monday, August 21, 11 am -12 pm
  • Europasaal, 1st Floor

Read more…

Shen Ye

“Vive Tracker: Bring Everyday Objects into VR”

  • Session Type: Talk
  • Monday, August 21, 12 pm – 1 pm
  • Europasaal, 1st Floor

Read more…

Tim Browne

“Identifying Creativity”

  • Session Type: Talk
  • Sunday, August 20, 3 pm – 4 pm
  • Europasaal, 1st Floor

Read more…

Top Sessions from our Partner Events

devcom is proud to present hand-picked sessions in co-op with GIC Games Industry Conference, NGC Nordic Game Conference, Reboot Develop and GMGC:

  • Daniel Vávra
    Warhorse Studios

“Where no man has gone before”
Read more…

  • Paweł Rohleder

“Keeping Development Teams Focused”
Read more…

  • Damir Durovic (Reboot), Tomislav Gojevic (Nanobit), Alen Ladavac (Croteam), Nenad Tomic (Madhead Games):

“The Rise of the South East European Games Industry and its Ecosystem, sprinkled with a bit of Challenges”

Read more…

  • Matej Lancaric
    Pixel Federation

“Launching Diggy’s Adventure on mobile”
Read more…

  • Michal Harangozo
    Charged Monkey

“WTH?! Softlaunched & Selfpublished!”
Read more…

  • Antonio Pasalic (GMGC), Derrick Alain M. Mapagu (Most Played Games), Hasnul Hadi Samsudin (MDEC), Arief Widhiyasa (Agate Studios), Maxim de Wit (One Animation):

“Southeast Asia: Why is it more important than ever?”

Read more…

Wait, there’s more: The devcom Summits

Don´t forget to check out our exclusive summits, which are happening from Sunday to Tuesday and will focus on one specific topic each day:

  • Sunday – devcom Mobile and Innovation Summit
  • Monday – devcom Influencer Summit
  • Tuesday – devcom VR/ AR/ MR Summit

devcom Mobile and Innovation Summit
Spend your sunday afternoon and evening learning everything about the mobile game business as well as new innovative platforms. The summit features 4 hours of lectures about predicting the future of mobile by HandyGames, how to turn viewers into players by Game Insight and about India – the slightly unknown mobile giant – done by Nazara Technologies. After that, Oscar Clarke will moderate the closing panel “Trends or Fads” – join it!
Read more…

devcom Influencer Summit
Meet the movers and shakers of the rapidly growing gaming influencer space at this summit co-organized with Matchmade: Over 20 mio. subscribers can´t be wrong – hear Kwebbelkop, Jelly, AzzyLand and Bootramp talk about their experiences and expectations working with developers. Hear developers like Bossa Studios, Space Ape, Charged Monkey, Traplight, Madfinger Games and more talking about ways they’ve reached bigger audiences by working with influencers. Get up-to-date data and insights from the state-of-the-industry presentations by Matchmade and Loots, as well as practical tips from the closing panel involving agencies with a keen understanding of the business side of influencer marketing.
Read more…

devom VR/ AR/ MR summit
The summit focusses on everything that virtual, augmented and mixed reality has to offer. Speakers from Gumi, Sticky Studios, Oculus and many more companies will get you updated on the chances and challenges of Virtual Reality and what to expect here: Like Designing for Senses or how to innovate with Mixed Reality! The closing panel will feature more international speakers from Nordic VR Startups, Fast Travel Games and more.
Read more…

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GAMEVIL’s President Kyu Lee set to deliver keynote

Kyu Lee, President of GAMEVIL, POrtrait

Kyu Lee, President of GAMEVIL

Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games have changed the way we play online forever – and Kyu Lee will explain how they are about to do the same for mobile gaming. Lee is President of GAMEVIL USA and has been with GAMEVIL since the beginning in 2000. GAMEVIL is a global mobile games company known for fantastic RPGs, exciting sports games and colorful puzzle titles. The company runs offices in Seoul, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, and Berlin. Lee has graduated Seoul National University with a B.S. in Physics and is also a board member of Com2us USA, Inc. In his devcom developer conference keynote “The Next Generation of Mobile MMO” on Monday, August 21, at 11am (stage [ddc2] Europasaal 1st Floor CONGRESS CENTRE EAST), Lee will illustrate how MMOs like Royal Blood are currently pushing the boundaries of technology and game design on mobile devices with AAA quality graphics, living worlds and player-interaction on a scale that has never been seen before. He gives an overview on the significance of true massive MMORPGs for the Asian and global market, and walks you through the challenges of developing a massive multiplayer world for mobile devices. With 100 vs. 100 multiplayer RvR battles and dynamic open-world events, Royal Blood is the perfect example to get you up to speed on this new frontier of mobile gaming.

Dan Vavra, Creative Director at Warhorse Studios, Portrait

Dan Vavra

Also working in the world of Role Playing Games is Dan Vavra, who started his career at Illusion Softworks. He first worked on Hidden and Dangerous as a 2D artist, before he became the director and writer for the Mafia series.. Since 2011 he is a Creative Director at Warhorse Studios working on the realistic medieval open world RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance, which is one of the most successful crowdfunded games until today. At devcom developer conference he will share his knowledge twice: On Monday, 10am, in his talk Where no man has gone before  and at 12pm in the panel Making the next AAA? (together with Pawel Rohleder and moderated by Jakub Marszałkowski). Both sessions are in coop with Games Industry Conference.

Michal Harangozo, Co-Founder and COO of Charged Monkey

Michal Harangozo

Matej Lancaric, Head of Mobile Marketing at Pixel Federation

Matej Lancaric

devcom’s program partner Nordic Game Conference presents the talks of Michal Harangozo and Matej Lancaric. Harangozo is Co-Founder and COO of Charged Monkey and will talk about WTH?! Softlaunched & Selfpublished! on Monday, 5pm. He will give insights into how a mobile game startup can softlaunch and publish its first game in the overcrowded Stores and share a lot of data about the key learnings and biggest fails from over two years of development while softlaunching and selfpublishing What The Hen! using influencer marketing as the main channel. Lancaric is Head of Mobile Marketing at Pixel Federation.  On Monday, 4pm, he will talk about Launching Diggy’s Adventure on mobile – Champions of mobile and will explain why a game doesn’t have to be a “hit” to be profitable.

For the full list of devcom sessions sorted by stage and time visit our schedule!


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International Sponsors supporting devcom

The new developer forum devcom was met with broad industry support in the first year of its existence: Innogames, GAMEVIL, Amazon and Ubisoft Blue Byte are backing the event as Gold and Platinum sponsors.

InnogamesBlue ByteAmazon Appstore and GAMEVIL have been announced as Gold and Platinum sponsors of devcom by Aruba EventsKoelnmesse and BIU – the German Games Industry Association, the organizers of devcom.

Speaking on behalf of the organizers, devcom project lead Frank Sliwka expressed his satisfaction: “We are proud to be able to present such a strong line-up of sponsors in our first year and we would like to thank our partners for having confidence in our unique approach.”

The Gold and Platinum sponsors will deliver the following talks: InnoGames CEO Hendrik Klindworth will spend one of his rare conference attendances addressing the question of how to survive in the competitive mobile games market: How to surf the Mobile Wave in the Red Ocean. Kyu Lee, president of GAMEVIL US, will offer his outlook on the future of one of the biggest mobile game genres in The Next Generation Of Mobile MMO. Timo Kornetzki, Project Portfolio Manager at Ubisoft Blue Byte, will use his lecture Staffing Projects to discuss the challenge of how to find the right people for the right project.

Amazon Appstore is supporting indie developers by funding the Indie Game Expo at the RESPAWN@devcom conference, which will showcase 24 different indie games. Additionally, InnoGames is supporting the devcom developer night, the official devcom party, which will take place on Monday, August 21st 2017, in the Bootshaus in Cologne.

The full list of all partners and sponsors of devcom: InnoGames, Amazon Appstore, Blue Byte, GAMEVIL, Amazon Alexa, balancr, CRYENGINE, Gameforge, Games Academy, Games Bavaria, GEM powered by celtx, GIANTS Software, MeetToMatch, iSpreadNews, Remedy, SAE Institute. Our media partners are Gamesbusiness.de, Gamesindustry.biz, Making Games and Venturebeat. Canada is the official partner country of gamescom and will be represented through a panel of Canadian game developers. The international focus of devcom’s program is further emphasized by extensive partnerships with other conferences, including the Global Mobile Game Congress (China), the Nordic Game (Sweden), the Games Industry Conference (Poland) and the Reboot Develop (Croatia).


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devcom: More Highlights of the Conference Program Revealed

A preliminary list of speakers and sessions for the devcom developer conference is now available on the homepage of devcom / Its organizers have announced further prominent speakers, including members of Remedy Entertainment, Github and Team17

Cologne, July 11, 2017 | Aruba Events, Koelnmesse and BIU – the German Games Industry Association, have announced that the devcom developer conference website has been updated with a preliminary list of speakers and sessions. This allows us to present a sneak peek at the conference program while the last details are being finalized. Beyond the renowned speakers from companies such as Blizzard, Blue Hole, Bohemia Interactive, Ubisoft, Unity and Epic Games that have been announced in previous weeks, members of Remedy Entertainment, Team17 and Github will provide additional insight.

A selection of highlight talks:

Virtual Reality: Aside from the keynote delivered by Tim Sweeney (Epic Games), additional talks by high-ranking representatives of companies like Oculus, Playsnak and Unity will continue to delve into the subject of VR/AR. One notable session in this segment is the talk Pushing boundaries of VR / AR in the automotive industry by David Kuri and Florian Uhde (Volkswagen), who will examine the topic outside of the normal game development context. Furthermore, Bob Heubel of Immersion will talk about Designing for the Senses: Creating Presence for VR and Šarūnas Ledas of Tag of Joy is dedicating her talk to AR with Location-based AR games: innovating gameplay and interaction.

Development: Technical talks and lectures on game development topics form the backbone of devcom, whether focused on indie games or AAA projects. Ville Ruusutie of Remedy (Alan Wake) will tackle the trendy topic of Motion Matching, Miriam Popescu of Limbic will speak about Designing AI for flaregames’ Hit Game Zombie Gunship Survival, and Taylor Blau of Github will provide hints on the practical use of Unity with Github: Using Unity with GitHub and Git LFS.

Mobile Games: Mobile is one of the core topics of devcom and one of the highlights in this segment is the visionary talk by Christopher Kassulke of Handygames: What is the next hot shit? How can you predict the future and what is the advantage to be an early mover in games?

Business: In his talk Gattaca – Building a 60 People Game Developer in Germany, Adrian Goersch of Black Forest Games will speak about the growth potential and risks as a developer in Germany. Kevin Carthew of Team17 will share the success story of their 2014 game The Escapists in his talk The Escapists: From unknown indie to mobile no. 1.

Marketing: A variety of talks in this segment will deal with new forms of marketing, from influencer relations to performance marketing. In his lecture The business of influencer marketing Brian Dodge, founder of Spartan Elite Advertising, will lay out the essentials of the business.

Additional speakers, talks and keynotes will be announced in the coming weeks. Beyond Sweeney’s lecture, there will be one more business keynote, as well as two public keynotes open to gamescom attendees.

All in all, devcom includes over 50 talks, panels and workshops, featuring speakers from all branches of the industry and covering a wide range of topics, focusing on mobile games, virtual reality and game design.

The brand new games industry meeting devcom will take place for the first time this summer as a side event to gamescom. From the 20th to the 24th of August (Sunday to Thursday), devcom will offer a varied lineup of events, including the devcom developer conference on Monday, the devcom summits and a new networking area, the devcom developer lounge.

devcom also includes workshops, summits, master classes and matchmaking:

  • devcom master classes – high class workshops for up to 40 attendees with international speakers hosted in the devcom developer lounge
  • devcom tutorials – up to four separate hands-on tutorials on how to use the latest technology, engines or advertising tools hosted in the devcom developer lounge
  • devcom summits – three special interest focussed summits on Mobile Gaming and Innovation, VR/ AR/ MR as well as Influencer Marketing.

In addition to devcom, gamescom’s own official keynotes will take place from Tuesday to Thursday. Finally, this exclusive program will be rounded out by the indie conference RESPAWN. With its wide range of talks, workshops, tutorials and keynotes, devcom has the right event for anybody working in the games industry, from students of game design and young professionals to senior developers and managers in leadership roles.

You can find additional information on devcom and its individual events and conferences at devcom.global

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